Before Purchase

Also, do not join the Edz Trading Academy if your aim is to turn a small amount of money into millions in a short duration. SOME of the content you may have seen on Edz YouTube, is me trading with extremely high risk & are just challenges. That won’t be involved in the teachings at Edz Trading Academy.

Refund Policy

Please keep in mind after making a purchase on any of our Educational products, you won't be able to obtain a refund. Edz Trading Academy Education is non-refundable.


Watch out for Edz, impersonation accounts. I have only two Instagram accounts other than @edztradingacademy, that being @tradingwithedz(with blue tick verification) & @edzbackup. I will not DM anyone making promises about how they will make money with me nor will I entice people to make any investments with me. Often, people have come across people impersonating me offering a promising service. For example, they make claims like “I can flip your money for you in next 2hours, starting from £100 you can see £1,000 straight back into your account” SCAM SCAM SCAM. Those schemes aren’t real & I don’t condone that. These days even big influencers promote the scams publicly to their audience for a minuscule fee, which causes more people to lose money for no good reason.(Usually on Snapchat )


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