Edz Aim

At Edz Trading Academy, our aim is to be able to teach people the markets in the most simplified form. Our packages are designed for all levels of trading. Whether you have no knowledge of currency trading(in other words foreign exchange trading) or you’re already in the markets & just want to add a bit more clarity to your trading. In this course you’ll start by learning the basics of forex & as you keep progressing we will be getting more in-depth & advanced. Throughout your progress, you’ll have some tasks at hand to complete! With some interactive quizzes to ensure you're always on the right track.

ETA Style of Trading

As you progress in the in-person training, you’ll start learning the Edz Trading Academy way of trading. Where he will be teaching you how to minimize the drawdown on your trades while maximizing your upside for high risk-to-reward ratios. Edz usually focuses on Day/Swing way of trading.


  • Does Edz Trading Academy offer trading signals?

    No, only education.

  • Do I need to be 18+ to be apart of the Edz Trading Academy?

    Yes, you'll need to be 18 or over to attend our in-person training.

  • Is currency trading easy?

    To be successful at anything, you'll need dedication & sacrifice. Approaching trading with the right mindset will maximize your outcome of success!

  • How long is the in-person education?

    4 Weeks (4 sessions)

  • I have no knowledge of currency trading :(

    That's not a problem! Our education caters to all levels, so it doesn't matter if trading is very new to you or not!

  • Why Edz Trading Academy?

    At ETA, we won't just teach you a strategy that you can use in the markets. We also focus very highly on developing our student's mindset so they can be ready to take on the markets. In the trading industry, trading psychology isn't spoken about too heavily...& it's the most important factor. ETA focuses on filling this gap in the market. Additionally, you get direct access to the creator of the trading styles/techniques live & in person.

  • Benefits of the ETA Starters Training ?

    The Starters Training is for beginners who would like an insight into how we view the markets in its most basic form before potentially joining our in-person sessions.

ETA Style

Focusing on minimal drawdown & maximising upside in the markets.

Sharp market executions. 10 pips Risk, 110 pips RewardSharp entries in both directions of the market.These are the types of executions that will be taught in our package. (Examples showing are from Edz personal trades)

In Person Training Programme Breakdown

Everything that'll be taught by Edz

  • Class 1: We will be covering the basics of Forex & how the markets operate. (Introduction to currency trading)

  • Class 1: After that we will be going over some simple technical analysis. Going over how to read charts & how to position ourselves to profit under any market condition.

  • Class 2: This is where things get a bit more advanced. Here you’ll be taught the Edz Trading Academy Style of trading & a deeper break down of advanced technical analysis. You will learn about retail trader positioning & how to capitalise from that. This section will also include our currency cheat codes.

  • Class 3: Here we will be swiftly cover Fundamentals, how to read news in the markets to stay on top of our currencies. You’ll get the traders starter pack with info on all apps & websites you’ll need with tutorials on how to use them.

  • Class 3: Now that you know the basics of the market & have learnt advanced chart reading. It’s here where you’ll learn how to open your first trading account.

  • Class 4: Time for some mental debugging & resetting your mindset. Here’s where Psychology training begins. We will go through how to handle emotions, emotional control, self discipline & more + Edz will share he’s personal experiences in the market that you can learn from.

  • Class 4: To end off the training we will touch up again on the mindset you need so you can get ready to start your journey. As well as, being provided with trading plans & risk management plans.

Bonus material

Extras included

  • Access To ETA Traders Groupchat

    Trading can be a lonely mental sport, but having a community of like-minded individuals at all levels can be an ideal aid & the motivation to keep you going & always learning. (For In Person Students)

  • Edz Student Support

    After becoming a student, you'll have access to Student Support. If you ever feel stuck or confused don't hesitate to drop a message! (For In Person Students)

  • Trading Plan

    From experience, some individuals will take a course & not be given a plan of action to follow. As an ETA, student you'll have access to a Risk management plan & a 18 month trading plan! (For In Person Students)


Trading foreign currencies can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors. However, before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Trading is all about being profitable in the long term, it’s a long-term investment.


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